Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nearly There

Look now because you will never see the upstairs as clean and tidy as this!

When we got quotes we were told it would be 4 weeks, so I immediately joked and said that meant 6 weeks, telling the company we rented the portakabins from that it would be at least 8 weeks. So, 10 weeks and counting, we are finally nearing the end. The bathroom is nearly finished so it is just the finishing touches to the downstairs floor, then it has to be oiled, and we are in.

Well, not in as such. What I really mean is then I can carrying everything back in from the shipping container! It took me three weeks to empty the house, and I now have only nine days before guests arrive. Could be interesting!

The 'guest' end of the open plan upstairs.

Our bedroom

Working in the bathroom

The 'galleried landing'